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Happy Gas


Happy gas, or laughing gas as it is also known, is an effective and fast working safe sedation option with zero downtime.

For anxious patients with dental phobia, routine dental visits are no laughing matter.  Being scared to visit the dentist can result in delaying or avoiding dental treatment which can worsen dental disease and cause a greater need for emergency care or more complex treatment.

Happy gas is safe to use on children and adults. It is most often used for patient’s who experience nervousness or anxiety at the dentist (which is really common!) as well as people that have a low pain threshold or anyone that can’t sit still.

Happy gas can drastically decrease any feelings of fear or anxiety. Once inhaled, it can make you feel:

  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Calm
  • Comfortable

You may even start giggling or laughing!

The effect of the happy gas lasts as long as you are wearing the nitrous oxide mask. When the dentist removes the mask, the effects promptly wear off, so it is safe to resume your normal daily routine afterwards.

Your dental visit doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. Give us a call to have a chat about happy gas and if it’s right for you.



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