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New Year New Smile

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from the team at Family Dental Care!

Make dental health your new year’s resolution for 2019 with these tips on how to have the best possible smile. Make this your best and brightest year for your teeth!

  1. Brush and floss regularly

It’s easy to let your dental habits fall to the wayside, especially during the holiday season.

This year, make a commitment to yourself to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, making sure you reach all surfaces.
Commit to flossing at least once a day as well and a healthy, radiant smile is soon to follow.

These days, flossing has never been easier with tools like flossing picks and interdental brushes as alternatives.

  1. Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months

Worn out bristles on your old toothbrush aren’t going to cut it.

  1. Start using a mouthwash

Mouthwash does not replace brushing and flossing, but it will go a long way to keep teeth looking and being their best. Bonus is you get nice fresh breath afterwards!

  1. Give up smoking

What better time than now to kick the habit. Smoking contributes to gum disease, cavities, stained teeth, tooth loss, and oral cancers. Your breath will thank you too.

  1. Limit your sugar intake

Like tobacco, cutting back on sugar has a whole host of benefits, not only for your teeth! Making healthier food and beverage choices is a really important part of achieving your best dental health. Consuming excess amounts of sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities. When you do treat yourself, it is important to brush afterwards, or at least rinse with water.

  1. Cut back the coffee.

Excess coffee leads to stained teeth. Why? The dark colour isn’t the first cause to blame.

The high level of acidity in coffee strips the tooth enamel and then the brown tint seeps in to your teeth.

  1. Drink more water.

Drinking water is not only good for your oral health but your overall health as well.
Drinking plenty of water means your saliva production increases and bacteria in your mouth that could cause decay and gum disease is swept away. Aim for 8 glasses a day.

  1. Book in a dental check-up and clean.

Last but not least, a visit to your dentist! Routine visits to the dentist will help prevent future problems.  After all, dentistry becomes expensive when you neglect your teeth.

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